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Our Story

From a Side Gig ...

Logo Design Africa kicked off as a side project fueled by the audacious belief that scaling your business should be straightforward:

Develop a strong brand, create content, and let potential clients find you.

We grew tired of seeing companies invest in extensive strategies they'd never implement.

Thus, Logo Design Africa was established to aid businesses in ending their aimless pursuits and initiating genuine growth.

…To A Growing Agency .

What started as a side gig is now a full-fledged agency.

We have developed an extensive suite of services that bring value to our clients in diverse industries achieving an increase in their revenue.

Logo Design Africa collaborates with brands committed to growth and recognizes the value of branding, marketing, and prospecting.

Is that you?

What We Do

Brand Identity Design

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Print Design
  • Digital Graphics
  • Website Design

Graphic Design

  • Stationery
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Illustrations
  • Packaging
  • Accessories
  • Apparel

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing


  • One Page Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • e-commerce websites
  • Updating & Maintenance

Our Work Ethos

Think unconventionally.

Innovation occurs by challenging broadly accepted assumptions, requiring a thought process that goes beyond open-mindedness.

Question everything.

We don’t make assumptions and we welcome hard conversations. There is always a better way, which requires challenging the status quo.

Details matter.

Every detail contributes to the bigger picture, any details missed will sabotage the overall experience.

Do the right thing.

Integrity is a defining quality of our people. We hold ourselves accountable. We don’t take shortcuts.

Be proud but never satisfied.

Perfection is unattainable, but if we strive for greatness, we may catch excellence. Aim high.

Embrace change.

Nothing remains constant. Stagnation is decay. Either commit to continuous evolution or watch others pass you by.

Seize Challenges.

If it was easy, anyone could do it. The harder the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to grow and distinguish ourselves from the pack.

Be a service legend.

Legends and legendary stories live forever. They inspire us.

Kindness and respect, always.

Being nice costs nothing and benefits everyone. People want to work with nice people. People give nice people the benefit of the doubt. There is simply no reason not to be nice.

Work should be fun!

Life is short, and we spend a lot of it working. Enjoy it.

Meet the Amazing Team

Team Member Photo

John Doe

Efficiency Dynamo

Workflow Architect – [Efficiency Dynamo’s Name] optimizes processes like a Tetris master. Their motto? ‘Smooth operations, no blocks.

Team Member Photo

Jane Smith

Vision Weaver

Strategic Oracle – [Vision Weaver’s Name] gazes into the future. Their crystal ball? Market trends, data, and bold visions.

Team Member Photo

Alice Brown

The Picasso of Pixels

[Designer 1’s Name] turns ideas into visual masterpieces.

Team Member Photo

Bob Johnson

Client Cheerleader

[Client Champion’s Name] ensures smiles on every face.

Team Member Photo

Emily Davis

Code Whisperer

[Web Wizard’s Name] weaves magic into every website.

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